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Honors & Awards Committee

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Dr. Gen Ludwig is the Coordinator of Clinical Education and a Clinical Associate Professor for the MAT program at Boise State University.  Prior to Boise State, Dr. Ludwig was an Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Clinical Education for the Athletic Training Programs at Pacific University, Southern Utah University and the University of Minnesota Duluth. Dr. Ludwig has 17 years of work experience as a Certified Athletic Trainer in a variety of settings including Industry, Physical Therapy, Intercollegiate and High School Athletics as well as Collegiate Recreation and Club Sports. She has worked as a Coordinator of Clinical Education for the past eight years, coordinating clinical experiences for Athletic Training students in NCAA Division I, II and III athletics, professional teams, high schools, physician offices, emergency rooms, and community outreach programs.

Gen Ludwig, EdD, LAT, ATC

Honors & Awards Committee Chair

Committee Purpose Statement

The Honors & Awards Committee was put in place to provide a way to recognize athletic trainers and allies to athletic trainers in the state of Idaho for their work and contributions to the athletic training profession and the IATA

Honors & Awards

Ally Award

The Athletic Training Ally Award is meant to recognize an individual or organization that promotes and supports the athletic training profession by providing services that lead to the betterment of health care for the physically active population or the advocacy and advancement of the AT Profession.  

Early Professional Award

This award is unique to Early Professionals. This is a meritorious award designed to recognize those with no more than 12 years in the profession that encompasses the depth and breadth of the nominee’s character, clinical skills/knowledge/abilities, and service

Service Award

The Athletic Training Service Award recognizes a certified athletic trainer for their continued efforts, dedication, and contributions toward the promotion, betterment, and advancement of the profession in the State of Idaho.

Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame is the highest honor offered by IATA in recognition to Athletic Trainers who have made significant contribution at the state level. Members of IATA shall be eligible for nomination and election to the IATA Hall of Fame after accrual of 10 years of membership at the state level. The applicant has been recognized as having made significant, lasting contributions that enhance the quality of health care provided by athletic trainers and advance the profession. This award is given to Athletic Trainers who have shown meritorious service to IATA, made contributions to the improvement of the athletic training profession in the state of Idaho, and provided superior service to the Idaho Athletic Trainers’ Association.

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