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Public Relations Committee

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MaKenna was born and raised in Bonner, Montana just outside of Missoula where he graduated from the University of Montana Athletic Training program in 2019. He is currently the athletic trainer for Coeur d'Alene High School through Kootenai Clinic Orthopedic.  He is committed to service for his profession and currently serves as the Secretary/Treasurer and Public Relations Committee Chair for IATA. Outside of work you will likely find him spending time with his wife, Kaitlin, and cats, Toph and Razz, or finding any excuse to be outside fishing, hunting, backpacking or joining his wife on their quest to find the best biscuits & gravy the northwest has to offer.

MaKenna Turk, MAT, LAT, ATC

Public Relations Committee Chair

Committee Purpose Statement 

The Public Relations Committee was put in place to provide public representation on behalf of IATA and its membership, as well as to provide hubs of resources and information via various mediums for the benefit of IATA membership, the greater AT community and the general public.

IATA Public Relations Team

The IATA PR Team works to provide consistent upkeep and maintenance of the IATA website to ensure it continues to be a beneficial hub of information, connection and resources for IATA membership, the greater athletic training community and general public.

Jess Kerns MSAT, LAT, ATC

MaKenna Turk MAT, LAT, ATC

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Jacob Casebolt MAT, LAT, ATC

Lauren Hoyt MS, LAT, ATC

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Idaho Athletic Trainers' Association

IATA Newsletter

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