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Governmental Affairs Committee

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Sheldon Burgess grew up in Boise Idaho and attended Timberline High School. He graduated from Boise State University in 2018 and started working in the secondary school setting soon after. Sheldon has also worked as an outreach athletic trainer, providing care at a variety of events. Sheldon is most proud of his work with a professional arena football team and the X-Games. Eventually, he transitioned to the clinical setting, working as an athletic trainer with Sports Medicine Physician Derek Kunz, where he is still today. Sheldon was the 2022 recipient of the IATA Early Professional Award and a finalist in the 2022 Annual Henry Shein Rising Star Award. Sheldon is passionate about work life balance and educating people on the value of athletic trainers in any environment. 

Sheldon's pronouns are he/him/his (What is this?)

Sheldon Burgess LAT, ATC, CSMS-1

Governmental Affairs Committee Chair

Committee Purpose Statement

The Governmental Affairs Committee and IATA President work closely together to monitor the political climate of the athletic training profession and any note-worthy legislative issues that may impact our professionals, stakeholders and patients. We value communication with other health care providers for any active or future legislation that may be introduced or supported by the IATA. We encourage questions, concerns and thoughts from our membership regarding any issues that the IATA should be aware of. Our profession, within the confines of Idaho, will be the most effective and impactful when the importance for regulation is met with the power of advocacy. 

Governmental Affairs Resources

Who's my Legislator?

Use this link to find what Idaho district you reside in and who your State Senator and House Representatives are. All you need is your street address and zip code. 

Once you have used the link to the left to find your legislator, this link will take you directly to the "Contacting Legislators" home screen. Here you can look up your legislators and find their contact information and office location. It will also include the committees they serve on and a short bio. Get to know your legislator!

Contacting Your Legislator

Live Stream Legislative Sessions

Is there a bill pertinent to the athletic training profession, health care in general or our patients? Are you currently following a bill personally? Well you have the ability to watch and/or hear live sessions occurring in legislative meetings. These are incredibly informative and eye opening to the legislative process. Click below for current and upcoming streamed sessions.

NATA Governmental Affairs Resources

The NATA offers several resources for governmental affairs at the state and national level. The left link will take you to the NATA hub regarding federal legislative affairs impacting athletic trainers and our patients. Here you can find legislation supported by the NATA and toolkits for grassroots efforts. You can also find opportunities to support other state legislative efforts. The NATA Political Action Committee (PAC) supports candidates of public office who align with the views and goals of athletic trainers. Interested in contributing to the PAC fund? Check out the right link below. 

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