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Hall of Fame


The Hall of Fame is the highest honor offered by IATA in recognition to Athletic Trainers who have made significant contribution at the state level. Members of IATA shall be eligible for nomination and election to the IATA Hall of Fame after accrual of 10 years of membership at the state level. The applicant has been recognized as having made significant, lasting contributions that enhance the quality of health care provided by athletic trainers and advance the profession. This award is given to Athletic Trainers who have shown meritorious service to IATA, made contributions to the improvement of the athletic training profession in the state of Idaho, and provided superior service to the Idaho Athletic Trainers’ Association.



  • Individuals inducted into the Hall of Fame must exemplify the mission statement of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association by enhancing the quality of health care provided by athletic trainers, and advance the athletic training profession with such qualities as leadership, service, dedication, scholarly activities and professionalism in the State of Idaho


  • All documents must be completed and returned to the committee chair by April 1st of the nominating year:

  • Award recipient will be recognized at the IATA Annual Meeting


  • The nominator will initiate, collect, and be responsible for the gathering and submission of materials

  • The selection committee encourages . . .

    • The nominator to review the award and its criteria before submitting the nomination

    • Recommendations to be a concise and descriptive narrative of the nominee as he or she fits the award description

    • Collaboration with other writers of support in a “team” approach to ensure all perspectives and information are included

  • Winners will be selected by the IATA Honors and Awards Committee

  • The nominator will be contacted by a member of the Committee once nomination has been completed or to request any additional information if deemed necessary

Award Recipients

  • Dr. Dani Moffit, Dick Leander & Nikki Clark-Vega - 2023

  • Pam Arriola & Tom Koto - 2022

  • Tony Fitzpatrick - 2021

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