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Service Award

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The Athletic Training Service Award recognizes a certified athletic trainer for their continued efforts, dedication, and contributions toward the promotion, betterment, and advancement of the profession in the State of Idaho.

  • The nominee embodies and contributes to the ideas, goals, and mission of IATA.

  • The nominee has demonstrated a high level of service, professionalism, and competence in their place of work.

  • The nominee maintains the highest level of honor, respect, and integrity in their professional setting and to the community.

  • The nominee has demonstrated initiative, leadership, and ability to inspire other professionals where the profession has directly benefited.

  • The nominee demonstrates extracurricular activities, work-life balance, and time management skills



  • Certified member of the Idaho Athletic Trainer’s Association with more than 12 years of BOC certification

  • Member of IATA for a minimum of ONE CALENDAR YEAR prior to nomination


  • All documents must be completed and returned to the committee chair by April 1st of the nominating year:

  • Award recipient will be recognized at the IATA Annual Meeting


  • The nominator will initiate, collect, and be responsible for the gathering and submission of materials

  • The selection committee encourages . . .

    • The nominator to review the award and its criteria before submitting the nomination

    • Recommendations to be a concise and descriptive narrative of the nominee as he or she fits the award description

    • Collaboration with other writers of support in a “team” approach to ensure all perspectives and information are included

  • Winners will be selected by the IATA Honors and Awards Committee

  • The nominator will be contacted by a member of the Committee once nomination has been completed or to request any additional information if deemed necessary

Award Recipients

  • Dr. Karla Judge - 2023

  • Michelle Loftis - 2022

  • Nikki Clark-Vega - 2021

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