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Idaho State Licensure - Athletic Trainers

The Idaho Athletic Trainers' Association was formed in 1989 with the passing of the Registration Act. Since that time, the Idaho Board of Medicine (BOM) has recognized the profession of athletic training. On April 8, 2003, Governor Dirk Kempthorne signed H-199 into law. In doing so, Idaho's athletic trainers were given the most restrictive credentialing possible under law. The Athletic Training Licensure Act changed the status of Idaho Athletic Trainers from "Registered" to "Licensed".  Idaho Statute 54-3904 states, "It shall be unlawful for any person to practice or to offer to practice as an athletic trainer, or to represent such person to be an athletic trainer unless such person is licensed under the provisions of this chapter." All athletic trainers must work under the direction, both verbal and written, of a supervising physician or chiropractor. In addition, all athletic trainers are required to have an athletic training service plan/protocol on file with the Idaho Board of Medicine and must show documentation of continuing education consistent with BOC guidelines.

Because of the law, all athletic trainers in Idaho are required to be licensed by the BOM in order to practice. With that licensure comes more restriction. All athletic trainers in Idaho must work under the direction, both verbal and written, of a licensed physician or chiropractor in Idaho. Athletic trainers must have a written service plan on file with the Idaho Board of Medicine. This service plan is a formal document that outlines the specific job duties the athletic trainer will be allowed to perform, as described by the directing physician. Athletic trainers in Idaho also must show documentation of continuing education. This requirement is verbatim to the NATA’s continuing education requirement. To meet the NATA’s requirements, each certified athletic trainer must complete a minimum of 80 credit hours of continuing education units (CEUs) in the field of athletic training every three years. CEUs can be obtained by attending state, regional, and national conventions, workshops, and by taking applicable classes. Annual dues to both the NATA and Idaho State Board of Medicine are required in order to maintain affiliation with each.