Governmental Affairs Committee


The mission is to work with the NATA & NWATA Government Affairs committees in assisting states within District 10 in legislative and/or government-related matters by providing support and assistance as needed.  The legislative committee chair shall keep the NWATA Board of Directors updated on legislative matters occurring within its member states.  To act as a conduit between the National GAC and the NWATA. 

Public Relations Committee

Luke Bahnmaier LAT, ATC

We know you are all doing great work in your own settings.  Please inform Luke of any news worthy events that may be happening or have happened so we can share that with our state, district, and national members!

The mission of PR is to provide input and direction to NWATA’s public relations program by:

  • Communicating between state public relations committees.

  • Ascertain available public relation resources.

  • Implementing meaningful, viable public relations activities.

  • Submitting items to national, regional and state athletic training publications.

  • Advising the President and Board on matters pertaining to public relations.

Committee on Practice advancements (COPA)

Luke Bahnmaier LAT, ATC

The mission of CEPAT is to develop and promote new areas for athletic training employment and address employment issues, such as working conditions, for athletic trainers in existing settings. The committee will support staff in research as it relates to job development and improvement as well as serve as a liaison to athletic training educators in order to translate changes in professional education standards and emerging employment issues.

honors & awards committee


The Honors & Awards Committee was put in place to provide a way to recognize athletic trainers in the state of Idaho for their work and contributions to the athletic training profession and the IATA. 

College/University Athletic Training (CUATC)

ken becker lat, ATC

 The purpose of the CUATC will be to identify and address issues affecting athletic trainers in the college and university setting.



The purpose of the scholarship committee is to accept and evaluate applications for a scholarship offered by the IATA to a student enrolled in an Idaho ATEP program.  

Secondary Schools Committee

Shannon Cambell lat, atc

The purpose of the secondary schools committee is to represent the state of Idaho with the district and national committees.  It is also to help with sharing information related to this area with the IATA membership.

Research & Education Foundation


The purpose of this committee is to work as a representative of the IATA to the district and national committees.  It is also to help with sharing information related to this area with the IATA membership.